Life school Guide

After 1 months work, i have managed to get john to level 48, he now has rebirth and his goatman pet (satyr), Here is a picture:

John Lightblade, lvl 48 Theurgist

John Lightblade, lvl 48 Theurgist

Here is my experience as a theurgist to guide you into choosing your next school:

Wizard city:

In wizard city theurgists are almost invincible and is the funnest school to play, we are the only school to get a fairy instead of the pixie that is “self only”, if you go first, the major blessing is the key to making sure someone is able to launch their attack, for if they kill the attacker, you will heal him back alive in time for the attack, if they kill you, the attacker may still live and still launch his attack. there are many death enemies in Wizard city which give theurgist the advantage to boost attacks (excluding unicorn way), the unicorn card which is acquired at level 7 is amazing at such low level, it guarentees the whole team lives as long as you are alive that round. overall, wizard city is easy.

Reccomended Wizard City Gear:

Hat: Helm of supremacy

Robe: Gobblestone’s robe

boots: Boots of the fae

Athame: shortblade of refuge

Ring: Fine Jade Ring

Deck: Novice Life Deck


From here you will be getting used to the idea of 2 enemies against 1 wizard, we theurgists do not have an all attack and thats our disadvantage, but the key is killing the enemy slowly while gaining the pips to heal yourself with a nice fairy/unicorn. at Krokotopia, we start to lose our ability of soloing and count on teamwork to guide us through. when you are by yourself, attack and heal at the same time, when with 2 or more teammates, try to focus on healing only while your teammates launch powerful attacks (and hopefully multi-attack spells) and finish the battle. Try to buy some gear that increases your power pip chance (the sacrifice is worth it), our power pips are most important in balancing our ability to attack and heal at the same time. Overall, Krokotopia is long, but not too hard.

NOTE: stick to high servers like ambrose and bartleby from now on.

Reccomended Krokotopia Gear:

Hat: Circlet of fortune

Robe: Winterwear Wrap

Boots: Boots of the citadel

Athame: Watchman’s athame

Ring: Thinker’s ring

Deck: Theurge’s deck (Kiwu’s jade deck for lvl 20)


We all know Marleybone as the longest world along with dragonspyre, by now, hopefully you have enough money to upgrade your pip gear at level 25, it is crucial (important) that you have over 25% pip chance by now to allow you the possibility to cast satyr in 2-4 turns. Besides Gear, you will have to face tougher enemies and more possibility of getting caught. In marleybone, rely on your satyr attack and maybe some natures wrath, you wont be needing many leprechauns/imps now, try to add atleast 4 satyrs in your deck and 4-5 fairies too, maximise your seraphs.

it is the same strategy i talked about in krokotopia, if your in a group, only heal, if not, attack and heal (only when needed) at the same time. when you get to level 30, i highly encourage you to buy a wand that gives you a extra pip from bazaar, and get pops deck of statis from bazaar too (If available) otherwise, try to find the other level 30 deck. i dont reccomend taking on big ben/counterweights alone because there is so much pressure against you from enemies involved. In the end, it is very rewarding with the “Guiding light” card, find space for many of them in your deck for the times when you need a big heal.

NOTE: do not rely on Regenerate too much during solo battles, it takes alot of patience and you will be taking the pressure of being attacked during that period

Reccomended Marleybone Gear:

Hat: Nail’s medical hat

Robe: O’learys vestment (Topiary tunic for lvl 30)

Athame: Mugsy’s Perceptive Knife

Ring: Spiritist’s ring

Deck: Magus’s Theurgist deck (One sold in marleybone shop) (Pop’s deck of statis for level 30)


Welcome to mooshu! From here on, upgrade your pip gear like always, you may have some money from marleybone, giving you the freedom of upgrading your level 35 gear. In mooshu, there can be a lot of life enemies you will need to face, so if that is the case, put in some converts. The other main elements are death and myth, luckly you have a shield for both of them, so put in some of those if you are facing some Death/myth enemies, the journey isn’t as painful as marleybone, infact i think Mooshu is the best world.

There isn’t much to say about mooshu, the same strategy of Krokotopia/Marleybone still aplies here.  you should have over 50% Power pip chance if you want to get the most out of your healing, considering Dryad coming later on. You get Centaur early (lvl 33) so you will have an upper hand. use centaur only when you aren’t on low health, and make sure you are above 33% health at all times to be safe.

You will learn to use your satyr and regenerate more since you have a higher pip chance, the dungeons here aren’t too long. Here is a fact: Mooshu gives more experience than Dragonspyre (The final world). Use your unicorn when most of your teammates are dead (for 3/4 teammate battles) to pick them back up again, the pressure of healing everyone gets more intense here as people have more health, the more teammates, the less time you have to attack. Overall, mooshu is Medium and soloing isn’t too hard as there isn’t any towers.

NOTE: try to do mossbacks quests as you go, you will need them for your final spell, rebirth. Also Gives XP (experience)

Reccomended Mooshu Gear:

Hat: River spirit’s lively cap

Robe: Youkai’s tunic of intent

Boots: Kyuto’s lively footwraps

Athame: Kris of the pensive one’s

Ring: Kanago’s ring of the lotus

Deck: Deck of deep thought


From here, you will experience nothing but pain,  stick to the highest crowded realm! (Ambrose if not full), You should have Dryad by now, do not maximise them, dryad is only for very high heals as if you needed to heal 2000 or above health, 3 of them is enough, you should have 6 satyrs and atleast 5-6 fairies, 2 regenerates wouldn’t hurt, and 1 unicorn to use if most teammates are dead. maximise your centaurs and add 3 seraphs, Natures wrath wont be needed, thats the reccomended basics of your deck, the others you can add to your favor.

In dragonspyre i highly reccomend working in groups and ask friends for help in towers or general quests, ask politely or they may not help you. the key is friends, you will need help from friends as will friends need help from you, if you are a person who prefers to solo, you will find dragonspyre harder. from here on, you may choose to abandon the strategy from the previous worlds because of your freedom of pips, now you can attack and heal at the same time. you should have 70% or over pips so you ensure freedom of attacks/heals. That is all there is to dragonspyre, there are not as much life enemies as there was in mooshu, but if you are facing one, stack converts.

NOTE: Keep 2 or more potions during any tower and for labyrinth.

Best Dragonspyre Gear (Excluding Grandmaster Gear):

Hat: Hood Of Regeneration

Robe: Leafy Jerkin

Boots: Sandals of the generous

Athame: Claw of concilation

Ring: Seal of the vigilant

Deck: Deck of Natures Bounty

Grandmaster Gear (drops from enemies and REQUIRE PATIENCE) (Cannot be found in bazaar):

Hat: Kraysys’s Cowl Of The Unfaithful (Kraysys at forum)

Robe: Malistaire Drake’s Coat Of Purgatory (Malistaire Drake in Malistaire’s lair [via Dragonspyre academy])

Boots: Snowcrusher’s Sandals Of Shelter (Viktor snowcrusher from Drake Hatchery)

Deck: Deck Of The Gallium Paladin (Gallium Paladin from Labyrinth)

General Advice:

Theurgist are slower to go through the game then other schools, but what would Wizard101 be if there were no healers? If you are looking for a school with high hits, try storm. With Theurgists, we rely on team play, for the game gets harder to solo as you go through new worlds. Life is a rounded up school, our weak attacks are made up by our fantastic ability to heal. If you are a theurgist, you will find people look up to you more, such as wanting you to join them in dungeons, or getting the typical ” can you help me with a tower” just because of the ability to keep the team alive.

We have a gift, and with great power comes great responsibility, which means you are responsible for keeping your teammates alive and make sure they don’t get to critical health, you will experience pressure. Being the owner of a storm grandmaster and a owner of a life level 48, life was a challenging role to play, i been on both sides of strongest attacks and weakest attacks, low health and medium health, so i am telling you now, if you are looking to speed through the game, choose storm, if you are looking for a challenging yet fun role, choose life. I enjoyed the challenges of a theurgist (Life) more than the challenges of a diviner (Storm), doesn’t mean that storm is bad, storm is powerful but easier to play.

your greatest weapon will be your friends, they will be the main offense to the enemy and you will be the defence keeping your team alive. Would you survive a 30 minute battle against 4 enemies that are focusing on you only? Yes! would your teammates survive the darkness of the labyrinth with you? Yes! Would you play the Powerful role of a theurgist if you could? I am sure you would! So what are you waiting for? go ahead and take the journey of a lifetime as a healer with devastating force and vanquish your enemies!

Thank you for reading my guide that i made, if you are to use this guide somewhere else, please give credit to “Hyperdude”


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  1. thatks for the good advice

  2. thanks for this advice. ive been trying to decide wether to get a life or myth as a new grandmaster (after i finish my balance [lvl 29 working on chelsea court]) now this really helps my decicion. [ i think thats how you spell it ]

  3. hi how to get past level 13 on storm carecter

  4. Hi have you got past level 13 on a storm person how?

  5. Hi
    That’s for your guide I found it very helpful and instructive. My grandmaster Taylor Dragonflower has benefited greatly from the information you provided. While I enjoy helping others I like being able to solo and with the information you provided I have been able to solo most of the game including boss fights. Thanks again.

  6. is the gear for lvl 45 and up

  7. can you tel me where to get the satyr card that you don’t have to be leaf to get it because i’m a fire and people always get that card when ther not even a leaf

    PLS HELP ME!!!

  8. meet me in fire tower in raven my name is chris bluehunter june 11 4:00 lvl 44 realm diego or moosho

  9. Is there a Death School Guide like this???

  10. Ummmmm How’d You GEt Someone To Level 48 In A Month? I’m A Level 7 And Desperately In Need Of A Higher Level.

  11. i have been playing for 2 months and i am a level 23 it is getting harder but i am death and it is easy because of the card and i just earned the metior card from fire to all enemies i am loving it and i am telling and helping my friends get an account and a high level


  12. thx for the advice but think you could do one of those for death?

  13. hey great website

  14. sup people give me cheat code plz

  15. heya ppl I was playin my pyro and i got bored fighting ninja pigs in mooshu so I made a theurgist, so far he is level 11 and is totally awesome! Its really nice to have ppl saying thanks to you all day when you heal them ^^
    Anyways his second is death lol weird right but it helps a lot, average attacks, and you are always healing yourself, even on the same round! So yeah Im gonna stick with that so thanks for the guide Ive been following it so far with inclusion of ghoul and vampire when I get it

  16. Will you by chance be doing an updated version of this since wizard has changed a bit?

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